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Top Five… Random but Hilarious Videos on Youtube


I’ve been AWOL last month, for those who noticed (*crickets chirp* No one? No one missed me? Oh…) Long story short, I was on tour around Spain with my band, which was AMAZING and I shall be doing a post about that soon enough. In the meantime though, I’m going to share my top 5 random but hilarious videos on youtube.

Because when you’ve done something as cool as touring a different country with your band, naturally the first blog you decide to do will have nothing to do with that. Obviously.

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Top Five… Cheerfully creepy songs

As shown with my last top 5 list, I’ve got a bit of a penchant for things that aren’t as they seem. So, going on from that, here’s my top five most cheerfully creepy songs. Enjoy!!

Honourable mention: MMMbop – Hanson

This is the one that keeps coming up on lists like this so I’m pretty sure there’s now not a person who was alive in the 90’s who doesn’t know this song is about the futility of life. (If this was news to you, then SURPRISE!! All along, Hanson were trying to tell you that you will inevitably grow old and die, and most things you do are meaningless. OKAAAY YEAAAAH MMMMBOP!!! 😀 😀 )

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