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Top Five… Random but Hilarious Videos on Youtube


I’ve been AWOL last month, for those who noticed (*crickets chirp* No one? No one missed me? Oh…) Long story short, I was on tour around Spain with my band, which was AMAZING and I shall be doing a post about that soon enough. In the meantime though, I’m going to share my top 5 random but hilarious videos on youtube.

Because when you’ve done something as cool as touring a different country with your band, naturally the first blog you decide to do will have nothing to do with that. Obviously.

  1. Epic NPC Man (Breastplate)

This one comes from a brilliant mini-series on youtube about a NPC in a generic open-world game. (For the non-nerdy amongst us, NPC stands for Non Playable Character). I adore this entire series because it pokes fun at the absurdity of video-game logic and the way it’s acted is just brilliant. Added bonus, each episode normally is a about a minute to two long so you can marathon your way through them very quickly 😛


  1. Orchestra Fail


For me, there’s nothing funnier than a missed note; whatever the situation, be it an epic moment, a funeral, wedding, whatever – if someone hits that bum note, I can guarantee I’ll be dying of laughter somewhere. There’s no visual for this one but to be honest, sometimes, you only need to hear the music.


  1. Dinosaur office prank


Oh my GOD, I would kill to try this at work. I can’t even mock the people in this for falling for it because to be honest, if I saw a dinosaur charging down a corridor towards me, I’d fucking run for it too. XD


  1. The Talking Boat


Sometimes, no words are needed.


  1. Jurassic Park, Melodica cover.

Have you heard of a Melodica? It’s a really cool instrument that’s like a keyboard you have to blow into.

When played badly though…

Anyway, that’s my top 5. What’s yours? 😛



Cosplaying, bass playing, coffee addict with an over-active imagination and a penchant for autumn and red lipstick.

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