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2am chills.

Sometimes, the scariest things are the simplest. When I’m up late and finally decide to go to bed, I will turn all the lights off downstairs and head upstairs. As I’m walking to my room, I’ll glance out the window that opens out onto the front of the house and see that the motion-activated light has come on. It could be a fox, it could just be leaves in the wind – but what’s that sound? Is it just the dull sounds of my own body amplified in my skull? Or is it – muffled through the windows – is that the gravel on the driveway crunching under footsteps heading around the side of the house?
And suddenly I’ll wonder — did I check if the back door was actually locked?



Cosplaying, bass playing, coffee addict with an over-active imagination and a penchant for autumn and red lipstick.

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