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Recording our EP!

This previous weekend, we recorded our EP (as of yet untitled, but we’ve got a few potential names lined up…)

It was at this time that we learnt a few very valuable lessons which you can only learn from actually doing this stuff, which I’m going to share with y’all now. Maybe you can learn something from us, or maybe you’ll just laugh and shake your head be all LOL HOW DID YOU NOT ALREADY KNOW THAT? (*coughSORUDEDICKHEADcough*)

1. Despite your best intentions, you will NOT get all 8 tracks done in a day. Heck, you’ll be lucky to get 3. Ahh, the arrogance of youth…

2. It doesn’t matter how well you know your own songs – when you’re recording them, you’ll suddenly mysteriously forget how to play them… REPEATEDLY.

3. There are long periods where you will literally be doing NOTHING while you wait for someone else to record / fix an error. (MissCherryBomb tip: Bring a book! 😀 Don’t do what I did which was bring your sketchbook but then forget to bring a pen and have to make do with a Sharpie you just found on the floor…)

4. Bring the $$$!!! Between the five members of this band, a grand total of NONE of us remembered to bring money to pay for the studio time or pizza, and so had to all entrust Spike with our cards and pin numbers and then send him out to the nearest cash point (which was a 20 minute drive away from the studio… whoops). This situation had the potential to cause a fair few awkward moments had the bank spotted a suspicious looking fellow withdrawing the same amount of money from various credit cards (where he had all the pin numbers written down), including one that belonged to a MISS.

5. Drummers tend to suffer from Black Knight Syndrome. BE WARY OF THIS. Phats was dying of lurgy when we went into the studio but dismissed it as “tis but a cold!” Later, I patted him on the shoulder after the fifth take of recording White Noize and discovered he was burning up a fever O____O

6. If you have to record any… uh… suggestive noises as backing… just let your dignity die and vow to never let your parents listen to your music.

7. Order pizza in and keep up with the energy drinks for the whole day. You’re gonna frikin’ need it!!

8. Overdubs, click tracks and tempos will test your will to live. And I mean, SERIOUSLY test it. You know how in the Old Testament God liked to test his people just to check they were still down with him? This is worse. (BRB GOING TO HELL) If you mess up, you’ll spend an hour trying to fix one tiny section on the synth because you can’t get the delay time to fit with what the rest of the band did, even though it’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE IT AND IT’S ALWAYS WORKED THEN WHY THE FVCK IS IT NOT WORKING NOW OMG WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME NOW WHEN WE’RE PAYING FOR THE HOURS *SOB SOB KRI KRI* D’:

Fun game to play: See how long it is before you eventually scream FUCK THIS LETS JUST GET EVERYONE BACK IN AND RE-RECORD THE ENTIRE THING AGAIN /o\

9. Don’t forget sunglasses. You don’t need to wear these indoors (unless that’s your THING… or you’re blind… or Bono) but having spent so much time inside a gloomy recording room will result in everyone hissing and clawing at their eyes when someone opens the door and lets GLORIOUS BLINDING SUNLIGHT streaming in.

(That or we’re all secretly vampires. SHHHH. DON’T TELL ANYONE.)

10. Have fun! ^___^

– XOXO MissCherryBomb



Cosplaying, bass playing, coffee addict with an over-active imagination and a penchant for autumn and red lipstick.

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